i have a love/hate relationship with social media.

outside of this blog, i don’t actively participate in it.
but for all my general disdain, i appreciate that (for better or worse) social media allows a platform for minority voices to be heard in a way that are often ignored in the mainstream majority.

Missouri shooting furor shows how social media users help and harm
By Brian Stelter, CNN

For every cool-headed account from a reporter, there’s been an impassioned Facebook post or Instagram photo from a community member that illustrates, I think, strengths and weaknesses of both traditional and social media.
These days we need both.
Michael Brown’s friend describes shooting Father: ‘I just want justice for my son’ Teen shooting in Missouri sparks riots Mom: ‘You took my son away from me’
After all, it’s one thing to hear a news anchor say that police fired nonlethal rounds to disperse protesters on Monday night; it’s another to see photos of the pepper balls and wooden pellets and the bloody injuries they caused.

Jon Swaine, a Guardian reporter on assignment in Ferguson, wrote on Twitter that a St. Louis police spokesperson claimed on Monday night “he didn’t know what I was talking about when told protesters claimed they were shot with wooden pellets.” On Tuesday morning, Swaine held some of the pellets in his hand and said they matched protesters’ descriptions. The police subsequently confirmed the pellets were fired.

No Filter: Social Media show raw view of #ferguson
By Lindsay Deutsch and Jolie Lee – USA Today Network

What’s happening in Ferguson is “eerily familiar” to protests in Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine, said Zeynep Tufekci, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, who teaches about the social impacts of technology.

“You see a livestream by a couple of scrappy citizens, regular media getting arrested, over-policing … then national media and international media waking up to it,” Tufekci said. “It’s just unfolded the same way.” 

Mike Brown Video: Ferguson Vines Show How Social Media Shapes Missouri Protests
by Jeff Stone – International Business Times

“This case, in my experience, has been unlike any other because everything is going viral,” Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Trymaine Lee told NPR’s “On The Media.” “We haven’t seen this level, I’ll call it rebellion, in a long time. Young people have been waiting for a moment like this where they can express themselves, whether they do it peacefully or violently. …. It’s all playing out before our eyes on Twitter and social media. Everyone seems to be participating and watching.” 

i understand that media is biased. all of it.
because everyone has an agenda. (including and especially myself and this blog)

This week in particular, i have been grateful for social media’s efforts to hold the mainstream media accountable when their agenda is lacking, damaging, or wrong.

Shooting Spurs Hashtag Effort on Stereotypes
By Tanzina Vega –  The New York Times


#iftheygunnedmedown  which photo would they use?
taken from iftheygunnedmedown.tumblr.com


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